Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Have you ever been to a Sheep and Wool festival?

Today I attended my first Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Now, I love going to the summer county agricultural fairs, with all the exciting rides, deep-fried fair food, animals (adore the bunnies!), and prized vegetables. When I discovered the Sheep and Wool festival, I immediately assumed there would be yarn to acquire but that the majority of the festival would focus on sheep, fleece, and felting. Boy was I wrong. Let’s just say there was enough yarn there to spend the entire day just going from vendor to vendor to see it all.

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My favorite part of these events is the vendors. I truly am so amazed with the raw talent of each vendor, and I wish that I could purchase a souvenir from each artisan to support their craft.

I did make it out of there today with a couple of goodies (while maintaining some decent self-control over my cash flow).

Let me tell you, it was very challenging to select a single skein of yarn from literally hundreds of beautiful options. However, the skein below really caught my eye. I’m a big fan of purples, and was pleased with this multi-sort-of-ombre dye job.


I’m not sure yet what I’ll make with this skein–maybe a knit slouchy beanie? I would also like to try making a pair of socks, and this yarn might work well for that. If you have any suggestions, please share in a comment below!

While I was browsing vendor stalls, there was one stand displaying artwork that really caught my eye. Intrigued, I had to go get a closer look. The vendor featured cut paper artwork, which I am not too familiar with, but essentially it’s where the artist uses cut segments of paper to construct their art. I fell in love with the bold patterns the artist incorporated into her work, and just had to bring this art home. I left with two small square prints (once I got home I realized these are actually blank greeting cards, very cute!) and I can’t wait to put these up in my office.


All in all, I had a great time today at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and will certainly be back next year. Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to one of these’s festivals, have any suggestions on what I should make with my pretty new skein, or have any thoughts on these great prints from Clare Margaret!

Oh, and a little bonus content: Nugget was also pretty excited today for the Sheep and Wool Festival, and was caught hanging out with her little alpaca friend.


Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

  1. Susan says:

    Love your find with the cut out art work,indeed a work of art. I have read hand made socks made from beautiful sheep yarn are the best socks ever…would love to see them when they are finished.


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