How It’s Made: The cookie

It’s halfway through the work week, and I am looking forward to the weekend! I recently made a new batch of sugar cookies for Mother’s Day, and had hoped to do some decorating after work today. Instead, I finished watching Season 7 of Shameless (obsessed), ran to the grocery store, and cleaned up around the apartment. Tomorrow is a work at home day for me, so I’ll have some more time to get things done.

Anyways, I took some photos as I was baking this batch of cookies and will be sharing my step-by-step on how they were made.

I followed the same recipe that I used last time, linked here.

First I gathered up all of my ingredients.


I had just picked up the butter from the grocery store, so I putzed around with my cats as I waited for the butter to soften (aren’t they cute?).

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I followed the recipe exactly, and combined all the ingredients together to make the dough. I kept the dough refrigerated for about 2 hours while grabbing lunch with my brother.


Once the dough was chilled, I prepared my work station with a floured cutting board, rolling-pin, cookie cutters, a bag of flour, and baking sheets.

I learned that in order to successfully roll out and cut cookies into shapes, the dough needs to be chilled. As you work with the dough, it starts to warm up, and the cookies become more difficult to cut and lift without damaging their shapes. After sectioning off each ball of dough to roll out, I placed the bowl of dough back in my fridge to keep it from warming.

This time around, I used a wooden rolling-pin and found it easiest to keep the dough from sticking when I lightly floured the rolling-pin itself.


I baked the cookies at 400 degrees F for 6 minutes, as this seemed to be the optimal length of time in my oven to keep the edges of the cookies from crisping.


And now I have about four dozen cookies in my kitchen waiting to be frosted! I’ll be back soon with an update to show you how the decorating goes.



6 thoughts on “How It’s Made: The cookie

  1. Auntie Fran says:

    honestly never understood why to chill the dough! Can’t wait to see the decorated finished product (no pressure!). Do you remember the incredibly delicious and pretty almond cookies at Rachel and yance’s wedding? Their three year anniversary was on the 10th. You make me want to bake on this rainy day. And I want to try fondant icing one day – have you?
    Also you should check out the crochet stitch, trinity – it is cool looking and works up fast for an Afghan. It is also easy to sort of hide mistakes 😬. I am working on my third one and just love the one I made for Phoebe using chenille yarn in Purple! Love the chenille feel, and soft smooth warmth.


    • clairescookiesandcrafts says:

      Hmm, I vaguely remember those delicious cookies 🤤. I can’t believe it’s been three years already! I made fondant icing years ago to decorate a few cakes, and it was really fun. I definitely want to try it again now that you bring it up.
      I’ll have to check out the trinity stitch! I’m looking for ideas for new projects so maybe I’ll incorporate that. You’ll have to send me a photo of Phoebe with her afghan!


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