Buttercream Flower Power

This past weekend we celebrated my Mom’s birthday over on the eastern shore. I wanted to bake and decorate a special cake for her, but we didn’t have any cake pans on hand. So, we decided to have cupcakes instead!

My Mom requested cake made from scratch, and I wanted to have some fun playing around with my petal piping tips. We grabbed a box of cake flour at the grocery store and used the recipe on the back of the box, modifying it slightly to use a cupcake pan and nixing the raspberry frosting.


Next time, I think I will try some other batter recipes. This one came out a little dry, but it still tasted yummy.


For the buttercream frosting, I found this recipe whilst searching the internet for a nice, stiff buttercream to pipe flowers. It’s essential to have a stiff texture so that the petals don’t lose their shape once piped. This frosting worked really well, however it contains cornstarch, which I might try to do without next time.

I separated the frosting into two batches, one I left white and the other I colored red. My Mom graciously helped the process along by frosting the cupcakes with a white base layer.


From there, I piped out little center posts of red frosting to use as the base for building up the flowers. The posts don’t need to be too precise, the purpose is to help give height to the flowers.


Then I used my Wilton petal tip #125 to pipe out the petals around the center post.IMG_7159

The trick is to pipe the first three petals almost vertically, wrapping around the center post to create the appearance of a flower bud. The round part of the tip creates the base of the petal and the narrower end creates the delicate edge of the petal. The orientation needs to be correct in order to create realistic-looking petals. I piped about four layers of petals, rotating the cupcake after each petal. The final effect reminded me of carnations.

IMG_7298IMG_7302 2

I think the whole family enjoyed the final result. Happy birthday, Mom!



8 thoughts on “Buttercream Flower Power

  1. Auntie Fran says:

    Spectacular! So inspirational makes me want a cupcake๐Ÿ™ƒ Wonder how many different tips there are? I have no tips, I used to buy the squeeze tubes to decorate. Ask your Mom about the infamous GI Joe cake ๐Ÿ˜‚ Outside in to build? They do look like carnations. Happy birthday to your Mom!


  2. Susan says:

    Claire they look too pretty to eat! What a thoughtful gesture to do for your mother. I’m sure she was touched deeply to see all the effort you put into making her day special. Thanks for the tip on making the petals look so real.


    • clairescookiesandcrafts says:

      Thank you! I just recently started playing around with my petal tip and after the first cupcake it wasn’t too hard to get the hang of. After seeing the cupcakes on your blog I’m sure you would be great at it ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I love your technique for multi-color frosting! I am going to try that next time!


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