Harry Potter Cookies

After a busy end of the month traveling for work, I finally have some time off to relax and bake. With the recent 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, my sister wanted to make some Harry Potter themed cookies to honor the story that is near and dear to the hearts of so many.

My sister and I teamed up: I did all the baking and decorating, and she came up with the ideas for the designs and put together an awesome time-lapse video detailing the entire process. I’m excited to share our video, below!

For this batch of cookies, I used the recipes that came printed on the back of my Ann Clark cookie cutters for the sugar cookie batter and royal icing. These were the same recipes I followed for my fourth of July themed cookies, and I think that the cookies came out delicious.

My sister and I had a bunch of fun teaming up together on this one. Check out the finished cookies, below!


With some help from my sister, I learned how to make these nifty gif videos on my own. You can see the decorating process from start to finish in these videos.

The first video shows the cookies we made featuring the special Twitter emoji created to celebrate the Harry Potter 20th anniversary #HarryPotter20. It is definitely tricky trying to pipe out perfect circles, let me tell you!

This second video shows the other cookie design, which we decided to keep simple and feature Gryffindor colors with a signature lightening bolt. It’s interesting how much darker the red frosting became once it dried.

Now it’s time to go re-indulge in all the Harry Potter books!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Cookies

  1. Auntie Fran says:

    Is anyone getting chubby yet! I’m thinking you are going to have to open a virtual ClairesCookies bakery and sell those Incredibly wicked smart cookies soon. I’m ready to place an order..love love the videos.


  2. Susan says:

    WOW!!! You two are getting incredible at this art. Cookies look scrumptious!I think you should start putting all these great ideas on All Recipes so more people can enjoy these step wonderful and creative ideas. I know a lot of people who use All Recipes when they are looking for something different to make. Just think what a great thing to make for Harry Potter themed birthday party. Thanks for taking the time to share.


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