Wedding Cookie Set

A few weeks ago, my office hosted a wedding shower for one of my coworkers (whose beautiful wedding was actually last night – congrats!). I dedicated several hours the Monday before the shower to bake sugar cookies to contribute for the occasion, and planned to do all the decorating on Tuesday evening. Come Tuesday morning, however, I awoke with an uneasy feeling and was unfortunately bedridden that day with a stomach bug. I wasn’t able to finish the cookies or go to the shower, but I decided to save the cookies in a Tupperware to decorate at a later time.

So here I am, a couple of weeks later, finally getting around to the decorating. Even though the shower is long past, this is a good trial run for the cookie cutters and decorating since I’ll likely make cookies for my sister’s wedding events in the upcoming year.

For this wedding set, I worked with three different cookie designs:

  • Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Cake
  • Flower Wreath

Wedding Dress

I used this cookie cutter from Ann Clark for the wedding dress cookies. I tried to give the folds of the dress more dimension by using a specific flooding technique. Instead of piping out the sections of each skirt fold, I piped an outline of the entire cookie and then sequentially flooded individual skirt folds. This has a soft quilting effect, illustrated in the video below. This was my first time trying this technique.

I finished the cookies with a waistband, flower, and white on white swirls.

I really like the way these turned out! The flower can easily be customized using a different flower tip and food coloring to match a bride’s wedding scheme.


Wedding Cake

Funny story for the wedding cake. I have a cake-shaped cookie cutter from Ann Clark, however I forgot to bring it with me when I was baking these cookies (my kitchen is pretty small so I borrowed my parents’ for the night). So, I ended up using a knife to cut out my own cake shape from the dough (which was really quite easy since it’s all right angles).

For all of the cookies in this set, I tried using a squeeze bottle for the flooding icing. It worked pretty well for me, and filling the bottle was easier than anticipated.

There are so many ways you could get creative decorating a cake cookie. I’ll have to play around with this one a little more to see what other designs I can come up with.

I only cut out one cake cookie, so that’s all there is for that design right now.


Flower Wreath

My favorite design in this cookie set is the flower wreath. I was inspired by these beautiful buttercream wreath cakes I have seen on Instagram (like this one from @littleflowercompany), so I tried to make a royal icing cookie version.

I picked out three frosting tips from my Wilton kit to make flowers in pink, yellow, and blue (again, these could be easily customized to a wedding theme). I had also picked out one of my leaf tips, but I ran out of piping bags and instead resorted to a classic ziplock bag with a small snip at the corner.

I love how these came out, and can’t wait to try them in other colors.


And that’s all there is for today. Let me know in the comments which design is your favorite. Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Wedding Cookie Set

  1. Susan says:

    Oh how pretty those cookies are Claire. I like the idea of having something not the standard and run of the mill pastry for a shower or wedding. These certainly are not your typical type of cookie you would see because they are so creative and something people would “oh and arh” about. Lovely! You are getting proficient in making and decorating these. I love the way that you decorated the wedding dresses they look so realistic and the idea of putting the color of the flower that is in the bridesmaid dress gives them that personal touch. Thank you for sharing those talents of yours and your ideas. Susan


  2. Carol Hambright says:

    Especially love the flooding technique you used in the wedding dress cookies. Added subtle extra dimension to flat cookie without increading the amount of frosting. And the decorative piping on the skirt…You make it look way too easy!


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