Hello there, fellow baked good enthusiasts, knitters, and crocheters. Welcome to my blog page! If you love baking, cookie decorating, and yarn, you’ll feel right at home here.

I was inspired to start this blog after recently taking an interest in decorating sugar cookies. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cookie designs, which I find makes for a great, tasty, creative outlet. I’ll be sharing some of my creations and lessons learned as I practice different techniques and designs, with the goal of spreading inspiration and sharing any tips that others might find useful.

The other topic of this blog is knit and crochet crafts. I first learned how to knit in grade school, when my Grandma taught me the basics. Since then, I have been making Grandma proud by becoming an avid knitter. I learned how to crochet rather recently, but equally enjoy it. I often find inspiration on Pinterest for new projects, and will be sharing some of these with you step-by-step as I go along. I would love to help others learn the craft, and hope to share some educational posts to guide you along the way.

Some tidbits about me: My name is Claire, I am in my mid-20s, from the Washington, D.C. metro area, an engineer, interested in photography, and love cats!

Thanks for visiting, and if you’re interested in keeping up with my endeavors please remember to follow my blog!