Tale of A Cozy Sweater: Do’s and Don’ts

Today I am enjoying the first snow fall of the year. This time of year is always so busy; it's been hard for me to start any new projects. While I do have some plans for holiday baking that I hope to share with you, I thought I'd cozy up today and blog about my … Continue reading Tale of A Cozy Sweater: Do’s and Don’ts


Tour of House Family Farm

In today's post, I'll be sharing some photos from a recent visit to House Family Farm. The farm is run by Shirley, the woman in my mother's deep water class from whom we purchased the alpaca yarn I used to knit my mom's shawl (read about the shawl in my previous blog post).  Shirley graciously … Continue reading Tour of House Family Farm

Cat Hats

My sister gifted me this great book, Cats in Hats by Sara Thomas (available here via Amazon). This book is so much fun. Unfortunately, my cats are not exactly of the docile type (they do not love the cat hats as much as I do). That said, they have been happy enough to at least pose … Continue reading Cat Hats

Snorlax Amigurumi

I feel like its easier to find motivation for knit/crochet projects in the winter, when snuggled up inside with a nice hot beverage. I haven't started any exciting projects recently, so I'll be posting about some of the neat projects I have worked on in the past year or two. Featured in this post is an amigurumi creation, for … Continue reading Snorlax Amigurumi

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Have you ever been to a Sheep and Wool festival? Today I attended my first Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Now, I love going to the summer county agricultural fairs, with all the exciting rides, deep-fried fair food, animals (adore the bunnies!), and prized vegetables. When I discovered the Sheep and Wool festival, I … Continue reading Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival