Floral Cookie Set

My grandmother is part of a memoir group that gets together to share pieces of work that they have written reflecting back on memories throughout their lifetimes. When I visited my grandmother this summer, she was telling me about how she planned on hosting her group in September and how she would like to share … Continue reading Floral Cookie Set



A few weeks ago, I made some book themed cookies for my sister to share with coworkers on her last day working at the Library. This was my first time experimenting with buttercream to decorate rather than royal icing. I personally prefer the taste of buttercream to royal icing, but found it to be a more … Continue reading Bookies

Cat Hats

My sister gifted me this great book, Cats in Hats by Sara Thomas (available here via Amazon). This book is so much fun. Unfortunately, my cats are not exactly of the docile type (they do not love the cat hats as much as I do). That said, they have been happy enough to at least pose … Continue reading Cat Hats